Karaoke Kompetition: Final Round

Congratulations! You now qualify for the title of amazing! But don't quit now! Just one more round and you can claim the title of Supreme Overlord of Kon Karaoke 2015!

If you have been chosen as a finalist, and you will be using backing music for the finals, you have until 12am Saturday Night, to submit a CD to the info booth, located outside of registration in 317A with the following tracks, in this exact order:

Track 1:  Instrumental for 1 song used in an anime
Track 2:  Instrumental for 1 other song of your choice.

Be sure to write your name and contestant number from the semi-finals on the CD.

 Each of the 3 finalists needs to have purchased a badge to get into the convention for that day. You won't be allowed into the room to perform without a badge.   

15 minutes before the event, each finalist must report to Main Events.  The order that everyone will perform in will be posted.

Each finalist will perform 2 songs. 

First, each contestant will sing a song used in an anime. 

Then, each contestant will perform a song of his or her choice.  It can be anything you want- with one exception; no swearing at all.

You will be judged by a panel of judges, on the same criteria as the previous rounds:

  • Song Difficulty

  • Stage Presence

  • Vocal Quality

  • Crowd Response

The judges reserve the right to stop the performance at any point.

Once everyone has performed, there will be a deliberation period, after which we will choose our winner! Grand prize is TBA. In addition to this prize, Karaoke winners are often given the opportunity to perform at various Kawaii Kon events throughout the year. Don't be afraid to show Hawaii your talent!

Good luck everyone, and Have FUN!!

Questions or comments? Email us at events@kawaiikon.com